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Assisted Care Vehicle Leasing

A quickly growing segment of our business at Shaker Auto Lease involves assisted care vehicles for senior residential facilities. Fueling that growth is a mounting need for senior care providers to distinguish their services from competitors. As it turns out, providers are learning that assisted care vehicle fleets can be meaningful differentiators in a crowded senior living marketplace.

Today’s residential care consumers want to stay mobile, and they expect their living facilities to provide the transportation. Not surprisingly, seniors consider the availability of transportation services when evaluating whether a facility will enable them to maintain active, independent lifestyles.

Assisted care vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, from multi-passenger minibuses to wheelchair-accessible vans. Modern features include upgrades in comfort and safety, as well as amenities such as video screens, improved air conditioning and heating systems, and better methods for securing wheelchairs.

To keep pace with vehicle changes—and with their competition—residential care facilities must maintain current fleets. But doing so within budget can be a challenge.

At Shaker, we help senior living providers lease assisted care vehicles. With monthly payments that are usually lower than installment loans, leasing allows facilities to keep their fleets up to date without major cash outlays.

If you’re interested in learning how vehicle leasing can help you differentiate your senior living facility, contact us. 


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